Bennington Election Report 2010


The 2009 election season was certainly a bit slower than 2008. Nonetheless, we had higher than normal turnout for Town Election, always the goal in a participatory democracy. And while on the subject of participation, please don't forget that your role as citizen doesn't end with voting. In a small town, it takes many people working together to keep the government running smoothly. Volunteering for a committee, attending a meeting or running for office is a great way to learn more about how your town works. If only a few people are doing the work, it is hard for them to maintain balance and objectivity. It turns into an "us and them" situation - and no one is happy. We need more people to step forward to fill the positions vital for keeping the town running. Maybe you are reluctant to stick your neck out or to be in the public eye. But ask anyone who has been there - serving the town can be challenging but it is also rewarding. And without every town official - volunteer, appointed, or elected, where would we be?

This year’s Town Elections will be Tuesday,  March 9th. The Polls will be open 8am – 7pm

We still count votes by hand in Bennington, and we welcome volunteers to help. Vote counting is an interesting and rewarding way to get involved with your community. Every vote will be counted, and every vote counts!  Paper ballots are still the best guarantee of free open elections, as they ensure a voter-verified paper trail. All are welcome to lend a hand on Election Day evening. Volunteer with the Town Moderator or Town Clerk if you would like to help either during the day or in the evening.

As of this writing, Bennington has 1075 registered voters: 258 Democrats, 334 Republicans, and 483 Undeclared voters. Next year, the Supervisors will be performing the 10 year "purge" of the checklist. Unlike in previous purge years, there is now a statewide checklist. It is far easier to track voters who move within the state than it was before this change. Thus we do not anticipate that next year's purge will result in any major change in checklist numbers. Voter interest and increased participation in recent years continue to buoy our numbers.

Important: Because this year has a September Primary, voters wishing to change party affiliation must do so before Tuesday June 1! See the Town Clerk or the Supervisors on or prior to that date if you wish to change.

Don't forget to visit the Elections webpages if you have questions about voting, elections, etc. In them you can find information about registering to vote, the Election schedule, absentee voting, previous years' election reports, links to State and Federal Elections' sites, and more. Please visit them at:

Drusilla Cox
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                        SUPERVISORS OF THE CHECKLIST

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