Election Report 2004
The big news in elections this year is changes brought about by the Federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA). There are some changes in forms and procedures, most likely more noticeable to election officials than to voters. However, if you plan to register to vote, change parties, or vote absentee, please read the information below carefully.

The Board of Supervisors sadly bids farewell to Dawn Bond, who had to resign due to changes in her work schedule. All three of us came on the Board at the same time, and I think we made a great team, and had some fun in the process! We wish Dawn the best. Also, thanks and welcome go to Barbara Moorehead, who has generously offered to fill in until Town Elections.


This year’s important dates follow. Supervisors’ sessions are held at the Town Hall:

March 9Tuesday Town Elections - Fire Department
  Polls open 8AM - 7PM

June 1  Tuesday 7-7:30PMSupervisors’ session for State Primary Election - LAST DAY TO CHANGE PARTY AFFILIATION BEFORE PRIMARY !!!

September 7   Tuesday 7-7:30PMSupervisors’ session for State Primary Election

September 14  TuesdayState Primary Election - Fire Department
Polls open 8AM - 7PM

October 23Saturday 11-11:30AMSupervisors’ session for General Election

November 2Tuesday 8AM-7PMGeneral Election - Fire Department
Polls open 8AM - 7PM

As of this writing, Bennington has 773 registered voters: 166 Democrats, 303 Republicans, and 304 Undeclared voters.

Copies of the Bennington Checklist are available on request for $10 in both paper copies and computer database format. Prior years' checklists registration cards and checklists are open to inspection during normal Town Hall business hours. However, new privacy standards enacted with HAVA require that registration forms starting this year will be kept confidential. There will always be printed copies of the most recent checklist available, however.


Voting is a fundamental right, as it is one of the rights from which all other freedoms flow. Nearly every citizen of the United States is entitled to register and vote somewhere. In most cases, people register where there primary residence is. However, citizens who are in transition, homeless, living oversees, in college, etc. must have equal access to the fundamental right of voting.

In order to register to vote you must fill out a voter registration form and must have proof of your citizenship, age, and domicile. Bring your drivers’ license, and make sure that it has your current street address on it. Proof of domicile can be any reasonable documentation indicating that you are domiciled in Bennington and intend to maintain a domicile in Bennington. If you do not have documentation regarding domicile you may sign an affidavit declaring your domicile.

The affidavit may be sworn before a justice of the peace, notary public, or the Town Moderator.

Voters can get on the checklist in four ways:

1)Same Day Registration. Register at the polls on the day of the election.

1)Register with the Supervisors of the Checklist at one of their scheduled sessions. Sessions are usually 10 days prior to the election and will be posted in the Monadnock Ledger and on the Town Hall bulletin board.

1)Register with the Town Clerk during regular Town Hall hours.

1)If you are out of town, you can get an absentee voter registration form from the Town Clerk, as well as an absentee ballot. Call 603-588-2189

Voters who are registered Undeclared must declare a party to vote on Primary day. They can then return to undeclared status immediately after voting by filling out a form with the supervisors. All other voters (i.e. registered Democrats and Republicans) must wait till the day after the Primary to fill out a form to change parties. IMPORTANT: the deadline for changing parties prior to the September Primary is June 1! See the Supervisors if you have any questions. You can fill out the party registration change form at the Town Hall.


If you will not be in town for any of the elections, please try to vote absentee. You can even vote absentee if you are not sure if your work and commuting schedule will allow you to get to the polls in time. If you’re not sure, it’s always better to vote absentee. Your vote counts!
If you plan to vote absentee, please plan ahead. The Town Clerk has all the forms you will need, and she can tell you how to file absentee,  and what the deadlines are for each election. Separate forms must be gotten for each election. (The exception to this is military personnel, who can fill out the Federal Post Card Application. This ensures that all ballots will be sent to them, as long as they are stationed in one place. The online version of this form is at http://www.fvap.gov/pubs/onlinefpca.html )

Call the Town Hall at 588-2189 for more information on absentee voting.


This year looks to be a very interesting election year, with the Presidential Primary just past by the time this goes to print, and 2 more Federal elections to go. Just a reminder not to forget local politics, where one person can really make a difference: Every year there are positions to fill, both elected and volunteer, at the town level. And local politics is where many of our greatest leaders have gotten there start! Ask at the Town Hall what positions are open, and how and when to sign up.

Thanks everyone for helping our democracy work!

Victoria Turner
                        Darlene McKenney
Barbara Moorehead                                              
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